the jar wizard

Our world has lasted for millions of years and is still here today because of one low-spirited person,or is he  a human? He carries around with him jars on his clothes full of: poisonous heads-makes you fall instantly to sleep;unicorn bones and pixie dust-gives you ancient magic and makes you fly;and many more. This person or magical creature has saved our lifes. His parents, when he was three-years-old left him because he turned into this thing by god(his god), so his parents couldn’t live like it, they left him when he was four -in a cave-. The jars full of mystical things were different colours like:baby blue, sunset orange, sunny yellow, lime green and bloody red. Nobody would be his friend they wouldn’t even go near him.                   We asked him “are you going to save the world”” yes, I am you you going to save it! ”  He actually is called the Jar wizard;that’s why he has jars on his clothes. Every time he tries to help the world something terrible always happens. He is quite lonely, only because he is: unplesant, down-hearted and dull! Would you like to be powerful like him?

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